The Egyptian Tortoise: its natural history, its captive care, its beauty, its lore. . .
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In addition to the scholars, authors, and researchers whose works I relied upon to prepare this website, I would like to offer particular thanks to several individuals. For photographs: friends Paula Elisabeth Morris, W. George Dever, and Lisa Weiss; Hamza Hawas, of the Egyptian Department of Antiquities; Robert Raggozino of Stearman World Flight; and Lawrence Uribe of Botanicals Unlimited. For generous permissions, advice, and research pointers: Joe Heinen, Darrell Senneke, Bill Ablaschai, and Jarmo Perala.

Any oversights, omissions, errors of judgment or content, or other quirks of this website are entirely my responsibility and in no way reflect on the knowledge and kindnesses of those whose research and wisdom encouraged me in the assembly of this website.

"You can't trample infidelswhen you're a tortoise.I mean, all you could do isgive them a meaningful look."

-- Terry Pratchett, "Small Gods"

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The Egyptian Tortoise: its natural history, its captive care, its beauty, its lore. . .
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