The Egyptian Tortoise: its natural history, its captive care, its beauty, its lore. . .
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Here you will find what I consider some of the BEST links for Chelonian conservation and care on the World Wide Web. The people who run these sites, and those belong to these organizations are some of the most conscientious, dedicated, caring advocates for tortoises and turtles in the world. Among them one finds professional scholars, veterinarians, dedicated and learned amateurs (an ancient French word for those who love what they do, do it well, and who do it out of love), trained and experienced rehabbers, professional biologists, professional zoo staff and animal behaviorists.


The Cairo American College Testudo kleinmanni project education website, an exciting website about teaching young people to care for sick and endangered reptiles, and about reptiles in classroom education generally.

The Russian Tortoise - Agrionemys horsfieldii - a site dedicated to captive care

Hatchling Haven, a site focused on the indoor captive husbandry of hatchling tortoises

The Turtle Survival Alliance, a partnership network for the sustainable captive management of fresh water turtles and tortoises

California Turtle and Tortoise Club, a Web site with valuable articles and information

The Turtle Ranch, specializing in education, conservation, and providing a home for tortoises and turtles in need

The Turtle Center, an organization working to rescue at-risk species and to establish space for them to thrive harmoniously with humans

Sulcata Station, the best website around on the Giant African spurred tortoise, the opposite extreme in size from the kleinmanni

Turtle Homes, an organization that helps to adopt out and re-home injured and homeless turtles and tortoises

The Tortoise Trust, another international group working for chelonian conservation and education. The web site provides excellent caresheets and articles of importance related to habitat design, care and feeding, and conservation issues.

Or, link to and do your own web search on turtles and tortoises


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Find out more about the care of this and many tortoise and turtle species by clicking on the World Chelonian Trust icon at left. Nearly 1000 html pages of Web information including caresheets, photo ID galleries, and husbandry articles.

While there, sign up for WCT's Yahoo Listserve discussion group, to become part of a worldwide list of people discussing the captive care and wild conservation of turtle and tortoise species!

"You can't trample infidelswhen you're a tortoise.I mean, all you could do isgive them a meaningful look."

-- Terry Pratchett, "Small Gods"

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The Egyptian Tortoise: its natural history, its captive care, its beauty, its lore. . .
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